Awards & Scholarships


Awards & Scholarships

Financial Aid, in the form of awards and scholarships, is always a topic of great interest to families with a college bound student. Virtually every family we speak to asks if we are able to support them in identifying and winning financial awards and scholarships. The answer is yes. The type, amounts and number of scholarship awards is influenced by several factors including yet not limited to GPA, test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT), leadership, community service involvement, and types of schools being considered. Understanding the difference between “self-help” aid, which you must repay, or “gift” aid, which is financial aid that you won’t have to repay, is critical.

When completing the FAFSA or Profile, minimizing your family’s estimated family contribution (EFC) is important. While meant to be simple and straight forward, statistics reflect an astounding 81% of all college bound families either incorrectly complete or fail to submit their FAFSA & Profile. This common mistake costs families thousands of dollars in financial aid annually. Every year our clients avoid the 81% and learn just how important an accurate FAFSA or Profile can be in securing their ‘fair share’ of financial aid.

Our clients enjoy and leverage our experience, connections, and the numerous resources we have compiled to maximize their opportunity to win scholarships and financial “gift aid.” This is best accomplished using our school specific scholarship search database along with many other sources we use to identify award opportunities appropriate with our client’s college blueprint value profile. In most cases, our clients significantly reduce or even eliminate their total out of pocket cost to attend the college of their choice.

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