Career Placement


Career Placement

One of the most important parts of the college education experience and process is creating and laying the foundation for a successful career. While college years should be a time of both personal growth and fun, failure to appreciate and understand the purpose/value of college in context with the larger picture can result in an expensive social experiment.

College Planning Institute is committed to supporting our clients in the college planning, positioning, and selection process. We are equally passionate about preparing our clients for the transition from college into a career. Our “College to Career Greatness” program provides a clear and essential pathway to empower college students. It positions them to leverage their college degree and experience into a successful and rewarding career.

A college degree is not an automatic ticket to a job much less a dream career. Intentionally using internships, creating contacts through networking, projects, and campus involvement as well as the guidance of mentors is not only essential, it has proven to be invaluable. We look forward to supporting you during high school, throughout your college experience, and launching you into your successful career.

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