College Funding


College Funding

Funding college without sacrificing retirement is not only possible, it’s crucial. College Planning Institute specializes in helping students and families make college an affordable and rewarding experience without endangering retirement. We are committed to identifying, developing, and helping our clients successfully execute a realistic college funding plan. Regardless of whether your child is an infant or college bound senior, our certified college planning specialists are uniquely qualified to help.

While every family aspires to reduce the cost of college, few understand the college admissions and financial aid process. For example, families are often encouraged to utilize popular vehicles like 529’s, Coverdales, or education trusts for funding college. This well-intended advice typically proves to be financially counterproductive. We help our clients avoid these common and costly mistakes through education and expert guidance.

Prior to receiving guidance, each client receives a foundational consultation with one of our certified college planning specialists. Understanding your family’s financial history, unique goals for college, timeline, and future financial aspirations is imperative. This invaluable information allows us to determine fit, answer any questions, and identify your unique needs. By understanding our client’s needs, we are able to leverage our knowledge and experience to develop a successful college funding blueprint. Finally, we empower our clients to claim their ‘fair share’ of financial aid through execution. Time is always an important factor, especially when executing a college funding plan. For this reason, we look forward to spending some quality time with you to determine your optimum college funding blueprint.

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