Financial Positioning

Financial Positioning

College Planning Institute is known for our unique and highly successful positioning of students. Successfully positioning students has become the cornerstone of our practice. Our commitment is reflected in our tagline “Making Colleges Compete for You” and evidenced by the financially rewarding outcomes our clients celebrate. We are often asked, “When is the ‘right time’ to engage or start the college planning and positioning process?” The answer is now. Time is a most invaluable asset in the college planning, positioning, and selection process.

Successful college plans strategically present a student’s strengths and is financially rewarding. They create leverage by highlighting the student’s maximum value. This allows the student to minimize cost through competitive leverage among colleges of choice. Important factors to consider when developing a plan include GPA, test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT), financial profile, athletic achievement, leadership, community service, and success in the arts to name just a few. Failure to properly identify and highlight your student’s talents and achievements will cost your family thousands of dollars in their “fair share” of financial aid and awards. Our certified college planning specialists consider numerous factors, including the unique and highly valuable set of talents and abilities each client has to offer when designing a blueprint. With our support, clients are rewarded for execution of their blueprints with broad choice and significant financial “gift aid.”

College Planning Institute clients enjoy the knowledge, experience, and success our certified college planning specialists provide when developing their college timeline and positioning blueprints. Every year our clients realize just how invaluable our creative positioning is in the college selection and financial award process. Even if you can afford to pay over $60,000 a year to attend your college of choice, why pay full sticker price? Families who intentionally execute a solid plan enjoy the benefits of minimum cost and maximum financial awards, the end result of our successful positioning.

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