Student Mentoring


Student Mentoring

College Planning Institute believes the fastest path to success is achieved by leveraging the experience and knowledge of other successful individuals. The opportunity to learn from other successful people permits us to reduce the learning curve. It allows us to expedite success with integrity by avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls others have encountered and overcome. It provides a positive support system when things in life don’t go exactly as planned. Perhaps the greatest value of a mentor is their objective and non-emotional feedback as well as the opportunity to be your sounding board. Mentors challenge us to leverage our talents and abilities and empower us to take the most direct path to success.

Our clients find great value in a healthy and positive mentoring relationship, especially while in college. Clients consistently tell us they believe mentoring was essential in identifying and pursuing a successful career.

Our “College to Career Greatness” program is incredible. It may be the single most valuable resource we provide, especially post college selection. The combination of a clear action plan, timeline for execution, and the support of a mentor/coach throughout the process is second to none. If finding a career where you can passionately use your talents and abilities is important, then student mentoring is a necessity. Life is too short to take the long road. Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage student mentoring to put you on the short road to a meaningful career of both success and happiness.

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