5 New Year’s resolutions for high school students…

New Year’s resolutions are something that come and go each year. While there is nothing wrong with having resolutions, many are broken within just a few weeks of being started. Why does this happen? There are a few reasons: Simply “powering through” and trying to make things happen, being over zealous or aggressive with goals and not placing small, consecutive, steps toward the end goal in place.

So, if your goal is to be a more productive and prepared student – whether that be for your upcoming high school or college semester, preparing for applications or the SAT / ACT – you have to set yourself up for success by placing small, consistent and attainable steps in your path. What should some of those things be? Here’s some ideas!

Big Test Dates

Check SAT / ACT test dates. The next SAT Test time is on March 9 and the next ACT test date is February 9.

Not sure which one to take? No problem! We have free SAT and ACT benchmark tests that you can take to determine what test is better for you! Just shoot us a message and we’ll get it right over to you! We also have a great Test Prep course we’d love to share. Just include in your message that you’re interested in both!

Check into additional SAT / ACT prep materials as well. Stay diligent with your prep and studying as you get ready for the exams.

Assignment Carry Over

Did you have any assignments carrying over from the first semester over the holidays? Did you put off a paper or other assignment over Christmas break? Work through your planner and make sure to knock those out before heading back to school so you can start things off well.

New Materials

We always think about investing in new school products in August, but sometimes your materials can get a bit worn down after the first semester. Grab a new pack of pencils, pens, a fresh notebook and planner to get the semester started right.

Scholarship Applications

You probably weren’t thinking about scholarship applications over the holidays and that’s totally fine – you should enjoy that time! But now things are cranking up again and you should check out new scholarship listings for 2019 and begin to apply. Here’s a few to check out:

January 2019 Scholarships

Technology Addiction Essay Scholarship

Create Real Impact Scholarship

A One Year Goal

Lastly, think through one change or adjustment that you would like to make in your life right now. Think about something that you want to do differently and that you want to look back on at this time next year, seeing it accomplished. Whether that’s getting more organized, managing your time better, building in more time for personal development, or unplugging more from social media – think through this potential change and design your environment and schedule to make it a priority!


These are just a few ways to kick off a new semester on the right foot! What do you like to do before starting a new semester? Have any tips or tricks? Share them with us below!