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“When college is the next step, you need to understand the truth about how colleges see you and your student. Why? Because you only get one shot at getting this right—and your student’s future depends on it.”


– Andrew Windham

College Overwhelm is Real

As a parent, you’re likely worried and confused about how you’re supposed to put your kid(s) through college without sacrificing your current lifestyle or financial future. And that’s before we even begin a realistic discussion about how long it will actually take your student to graduate (the industry average is nearly 6 years!) or whether college is even a worthwhile investment.

So what are you supposed to do?! Is there even an answer? Why does it seem like no one else is even talking about this? And what if you haven’t saved as much as you should have? With the shocking statistics on what it actually takes to pay for college, it’s easy to see how even the best planners are worried, frustrated, and stuck in overwhelm. That’s why we developed a better way.

  • Since the 90s, the cost of college has soared, increasing by 400%.
  • Colleges increase their rates an average 8% a year, doubling tuition every 9 years.
  • 93% of Division I college athletes must pay for 50% or more of their college costs.
  • Students who graduate underemployed have less than 50% chance of escaping underemployment.
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You Only Get One Shot

If you…

  • Believe your student’s professional school counselor will personally guide you through the college process
  • Rely upon the so-called wisdom of parents and other social media suggestions
  • Trust your CPA to successfully guide you to the ever-elusive pot of college gold.

Then your kid’s college dream could easily become your worst nightmare.

Are you willing to risk the 18 years of sacrifice you’ve already invested in your child’s future success? And if the numbers don’t work out, who’s stuck paying the bill? What impact will that have on your current lifestyle and dreams of financial freedom?

We have a proven blueprint to avoid the nightmare and guarantee your student has the experience they expect and deserve.

Our Proven Approach

1. Fit

First, we’ll uncover and leverage your student’s unique abilities and capabilities to reveal multiple fulfilling and meaningful career paths and build their perfect college list.

2. Finish

Next, we’ll lay the groundwork to ensure your student graduates in 4 years or less with meaningful career opportunities that set them up for financial stability and a lifetime of success.

3. Funding

Finally, we’ll craft a custom strategy to effectively and efficiently position your student to maximize gift aid and ensure you can pay for college without risking your own financial future.

With College Planning Institute You…

Save Thousands

You won’t need to trade your current lifestyle or risk going broke to pay for college.

Find The Best College

Eliminate the pressure and overwhelm. Find the RIGHT college that will ensure your student thrives.

Have Peace Of Mind

Breathe easy with the confidence that your student is set up for success in college and beyond.

Andrew is the perfect combination of southern gentlemen and business warrior. He is very focused, determined, and strategic in this thought process. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to working for his clients. He is deliberate. Yet he does it all with a smile and genuine caring about the outcome.

Karen RandsPodcast Host

I have known Andrew for over six years and it has been a great pleasure. Andrew has a thirst for growth and is constantly improving his knowledge and developing his skills so he can deliver the best for his clients. He is a top performer and cares for his clients. He is an inspiration and I'm grateful to know him.

Don StaleyCoach

Andrew is an extremely knowledgeable College Planner. His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients is refreshing.

Steve CranePartner at Elder Law Firm PLLC

Plan 1:

The How, What, and When of College Prep

Overwhelmed by the process of getting your student to college? We’ve pulled together everything you need to ensure success.

We walk you through every step:

 College & career identification

 Building your college list

 Test prep strategy

 Admissions & application plan and execution

College visit strategy

Essay strategy and support

Scholarships & awards

Financial aid & cashflow

Technology tools to keep it all organized and optimized


Assumes 48 monthly payments and $1,499 activation fee

$ 49/ Per Month

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Plan 2:

 A Guided Path For FIT and FUNDING

Want to make sure your student has rock-solid confidence in their future and that you’ve optimized funding? This is your plan.

You get everything in Plan 1, plus…

10x the individual attention to dial in your student’s college and career fit (saving you time and money)

Custom college list built by our team to maximize your student’s FIT and FUNDING 

Personalized college & cashflow strategy session 

Individualized college funding plan with maximum efficiency

Assumes 48 monthly payments and $2,499 activation fee






$ 95/ Per Month

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Plan 3:

A Top-Line Strategy to Top-Tier Schools

Is your student set on a top-tier private or Ivy-league school? This plan has the extra time and focus needed for the maximum outcome.

You get Plans 1 & 2, plus…

Unlimited 1:1 laser-focused coaching at every step

Execution of all strategies laid out in Plans 1 and 2

College interview training and coaching + mock interviews

Resume and application strategy development 

Essay coaching & bootcamp

Personalized positioning & college visit strategy to create competitive leverage

College aid maximization through leverage and appeals

Custom college, cashflow & tax scholarship strategy

Assumes 48 monthly payments and $3,499 activation fee

$ 155/ Per Month

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“We’ll Figure It Out Later” Should Not be Your Strategy

When we trust that our kids will simply “figure out” what they want to be when they grow up while away at a big-ticket school, we’re gambling with both their future and yours. 

You don’t have to go it alone—which quite frankly leaves the results to chance. 

With our proven blueprint to success we eliminate the guesswork, so you can go from hoping that college goes well for your son or daughter to knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to guarantee their success while giving them ownership of their college journey and future. 

We can also eliminate that nagging worry in the back of your head that wonders if you’re trading your financial future for your child’s success. 

You don’t have to deal with the confusion, frustration, and worry. There is a better way. Let’s find the best plan for your student today.

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Hi, I’m Andrew…

And I would be honored to support you and your student during this next important decision of life as you make sure college sets them up for a lifetime of success.

As the founder of College Planning Institute, the host of the Educated Freedom podcast, the CEO of the financial planning and cashflow company Windbrook Solutions, and the current Career Development Chair on the board of the Financial Planning Association of Georgia, I’ve taken over a decade of trials, successes, and discoveries to create an unprecedented and proven approach to college planning and wealth building.

I firmly believe that by focusing on the Fit, Finish, and Funding process we’ve developed at College Planning Institute you can ensure you don’t get stuck pay retail price to set your son or daughter up for a successful college experience and future.

Let’s talk today about how we can change your family’s life for the better!

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