4 Common College Resume Errors and the Best Tips to Avoid Them

When it comes to creating a solid college resume there are a lot of common mistakes that can be made. The good news is though, that they are easily avoidable. Here are 4 common college resumes errors and some tips on how to avoid them!

Common College Resume Mistakes 

1 – Not Double Checking Spelling and Grammar

As obvious as this may seem, spelling and grammar errors are often overlooked and one of the most common mistakes we see on college resumes. 

TIP: Careful proofreading, additional eyes, and even more proofreading are essential to make sure your college resume is polished and professional. Ask a friend, teacher or parent to help with this. 

2 – Using Odd or Unreadable Fonts

While your resume should showcase who you are, font choice really isn’t the area to showcase your artistic flair or creativity. 

TIP: Instead, choose something simple, professional, and ultimately, easily readable. The reviewer of your resume being able to read everything clearly is far more important than using a creative font. 

3- Overselling Activities or Experiences 

A college resume is an important part of highlighting your accomplishments, awards, and activities, but be careful, to be honest, and accurate with your description of these items. We certainly don’t intend for you to undersell yourself, but be careful to be both clear and authentic in describing what you have done and the experiences you’ve had. 

TIP: Be intentional, thoughtful and use great power words.

4 – Using Dates Instead of Grades as a Timeline

Another common mistake we see is using dates when describing awards, experiences, or activities. Grades should always be used when it comes to describing the timeline of these things. The only exception to this is summer jobs. Dates should be used in that case. 

TIP: Make sure you’re using grades where appropriate and dates where necessary. 

Building a great college resume is extremely important, but not nearly as complicated as it seems. Do you need more help? Would you like more tips on building a great college resume? Then just click here!