Fit. Finish. Funding. This is our motto at College Planning Institute. If you’re new around here though, that may just sound like some great alliteration and not mean much to you. We’re really passionate about our process and we’d like to introduce it to you today, with a free resource at the end to help you dive even deeper into the college planning process. Let’s get started!

FIT — What all does the fit entail? This part of the process is two fold. We want to help your student first begin to discover what their career fit might be and the college fit will follow. Why this approach? Why not just find a great school and let them check out a few classes, be undeclared for their freshman year and see what happens?

Instead of waiting until they actually go off to college, we believe that starting as early as possible, will help your student discover their God-given brilliance and ultimately their purpose. Once they can begin to narrow these things down, everything else follows and decisions become much easier. This also sets them up for a future filled with a meaningful career, making an impact, doing something they LOVE!

We believe that success does not happen on accident. Finding the right fit – career and college – is the first step.

FINISH — This may seem simple. Finish college, duh! But there’s much more to this second step.

Did you know, that on average, it takes a college student almost 6 years to actually graduate? The four year window has quickly become a 6 year window. With that, cost, time and energy on this stage of education have also increased dramatically.

But, with the right career and college fit, probability of graduating in 4 years or less with a career a student will love, instead of just a job increases, by 86%. That’s why each step in the process is so valuable. When your student already has a good ideas of their strengths and passions, finding the right college fit is easier and they will be on the right track with the correct classes for their goals, with minimal set backs to finish on time. This keeps costs down for parents and debt down for students. Not to mention, your student can start a dream career at the time they intended to.

FUNDING — How are we going to pay for college? We haven’t been saving for years and years.

How are we going to handle this financial burden and not sacrifice our retirement in the process? we want to be able to make both work!

How can we minimize or avoid debt altogether? With 70% of college students graduating with significant student debt, this is a completely understandable question. 

These are some of the biggest and most frequently asked questions we get. There are many strategies that we implement with the students we work with. We encourage:

Minimizing costs – like graduating in 4 years as to not add extra expenses.

Maximizing resources – like learning how to apply for financial aid the right way, finding the right scholarships, and leveraging your merits for money.

Would you like more information on our Fit, Finish, Funding process? Want to learn more about how you don’t just have to survive the college process, but you can actually win the college game?

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