You’ve studied, prepared, and now it’s time to take that test! We know that with any test – especially a big one – there can come some anxiety and stress. But, with a few steps, you can relax and get ready for the big day with no worries! Read on for our best test day tips!

The Week Leading Up…

Stay Hydrated

Just like hydration helps to maximize your physical performance, it also maximizes brain function and energy levels. In fact, “Mild dehydration (fluid loss of 1-3%) can impair energy levels and mood, and lead to major reductions in memory and brain performance, “ according to Healthline. Make sure you’re getting at least 64 ounces of water each day leading up to the test.


While getting quality rest the night before seems like it is important, the rest leading up all week is equally as important. It’s common to have less than optimal sleep on the night before the test as you might be nervous and anxious about what’s coming, but with consistent rest all week you’ll have no worries and be fresh!

Also remember – establishing a quality sleep pattern will increase the probability of great night’s sleep before the test.

As a part of your rest leading up to the test, consider visualization and meditation as well. Spend time visualizing and meditating on what you want. It’s essential to focus on what we want to happen rather than give energy and focus to things we are worried about or don’t want. This all goes into resting and preparing yourself for what’s to come.

Review and then Relax

It’s important to have a solid 4-5 days without a ton of testing questions. Rest and recovery is just as important, if not more than the training it allows for. The week of should be spent reviewing formulas, strategies, and rules. Don’t try to cram more lessons or topics in hopes of stealing another couple of points.

Plan Ahead

Consider upcoming projects, tests and commitments. Plan to address these well in advance to avoid having to stay up late during week of or night before the test. Make the week leading up to the test as easy as possible on yourself.

The Night Before….

Don’t Cram….Relax

Instead of studying more, trust what you’ve done to prepare for the test up to this point. Whatever helps you relax most and get your mind off of things – do that! Maybe that’s going to see a movie with friends, reading a book for fun, or having a game night. Just find something that helps you relax and gets you ready for your big day ahead!

End Screen Time Early

As we know, screen time can keep us alert and awake. You’ll need to be up early the next morning and you’ll want to be refreshed. Make sure to end screen time early to make the most of your sleep time.

Organize Your Backpack / Materials

Make sure you have all of your things ready to go and organized. That way, you have nothing to worry about in the morning. Even consider laying out what you’ll wear so you don’t have to worry about that in the morning either.

As you’re packing and organizing your things the night before, consider some of these items you’ll need to bring like:

* Your ticket

* Photo I.D.

* No. 2 pencils

* A calculator with fresh batteries

* A watch

* A snack

* A bottle of water

* A sweatshirt, in case your room gets cold

The Morning of the Test….

What to Wear

Wear something you’re comfortable in. This will depend on the time of year that you take the test as well, but also consider wearing pants as classrooms are typically quite cold and bring along a sweatshirt or hoodie as well. Dressing in layers will make things easier and will help avoid being too cold as it can make focusing difficult.

Eat Breakfast

Eat something that you know will keep you full through the morning, so you’re not getting a growling stomach in the middle of the test. Consider a protein and complex carb packed meal like eggs with bacon, whole grain toast, greek yogurt with granola, or oatmeal and avoid high sugar content so you don’t crash later.

Warm Up Your Brain

Read a little bit of a book, read a few pages of a magazine or listen to some music. Reading something before getting ready to leave for the test can help to prep you for the big test ahead! Try to avoid technology as much as possible though so you’re not distracted by social media and other platforms.

Take Snacks

During the test, you’ll generally get 1-2 breaks. It’s a great idea to take some crackers, a granola bar, fruit and some water to do a light refuel during the breaks.

Get to the Testing Site Early

Make sure you’re up, ready, and leaving with plenty of time to get to the site early. You don’t want to be rushed or in a hurry. Give yourself plenty of time to get there and be ready to get the test started.

Now, it’s time! You’ve studied hard, prepared for this, and now it’s time to rock that test! As always, if you need any additional tips or help, just reach out!