Studying is already a hard skill to develop and certainly worthwhile, but why not take advantage of the amazing tools out there that can make it so much easier and more efficient? Check out our recommendations for some of the best study apps out there to help make your next study session better than ever!

Time Management Study Apps

For tracking assignments, planning study times, and keeping up with homework:

iStudiez Pro — This incredible app will help you keep all of your assignments organized! With a great calendar function, see the week or month at a glance, plan study sessions, and even track your grades! This app is available on almost every platform and is extremely affordable. 

myHomework — This is app is amazing for tracking everything on-the-go. The app seamlessly syncs across all of your devices so you can throw something in quickly on your phone, access it on your computer and check it on your tablet too. This platform will help you keep homework, tests, assignments and more straight no matter how busy you are. 

Test and Quiz Prep Study Apps

To get you ready for your next big test or quiz:

Quizlet Go: Want to make the most of your time, try Quizlet go. The mobile app allows you to study anywhere, anytime. Don’t lug around paper flashcards and tons of study materials. Just grab your phone and get ahead of studying for your next big test. 

Albert — From preparing you to take AP tests, to helping you fully understand core educational concepts, Albert’s platform is built on the idea that students learn best by doing. This is an active studying tool with tons of resources. We highly recommend it!

Note-Taking Apps

For a more way to take notes that works for you:

Dragon Anywhere — Do you learn best by chatting about what you’ve learned? Hate writing out notes? Dragon is perfect for you then. This is professional-grade mobile dictation software that makes it incredibly easy to create documents of any length and edit, format and share them too. Talk out loud as you study so your notes are tracked without having to write and then re-read over your notes. Everything is easily tracked and can also be shared with other apps. 

Evernote — This is the perfect note-taking app for just about anything. From to-do lists, to class notes and creating your own study guides, it can all take place in Evernote and will sync across all of your devices for easy access. 

Other Helpful Apps

A miscellaneous list of helpful resources:

Simplemind Pro — Ever have trouble getting your brainstorm down in an organized fashion? Simplemind makes it easy to create organized and helpful mindmaps, to make your next brainstorm efficient and successful. 

Scanner Pro — Ever wish you could easily scan pages from textbooks or friends notes? Sometimes photos alone don’t turn out great and it can be helpful to have the information in a document format. Scanner Pro turns your phone into a scanner making it so much easier to capture the information you need without having to fuss with a traditional scanner. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but there are some extremely helpful and not to mention cool study apps here that will make your study sessions better, easier and possibly more fun to boot. 

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