Graduation is coming soon and the excitement is building! In a few short months, you’ll be a college freshman. There are so many exciting opportunities waiting for you and fun to be had! As you look towards the next few months, there a few steps you can take towards a successful transition from high school to college. Check out a few of our tips below!

Before graduation…

Finish strong! It can be easy to tap out before school ends, but make sure to continue working hard until the end and look forward to enjoying the summer at the end of it all!

Over the summer…

There are a few things you’ll want to knock out and plan for. Like…

Choosing your new student orientation date. These are typically offered a few times of the summer and you can choose the best time that works for you and your parents.

Shopping for your dorm or apartment. Go ahead and begin to create a list of things you might need, think through a budget of what is reasonable to spend, and chat with your roommates about who is bringing certain items for your new place. You may also want to go ahead and get the dimensions of your room for things like rugs and other furniture so you know it will all fit. Speaking of roommates, this is a great read to get prepared to live with someone new.

Making sure your final transcripts are sent to your college of choice. Remember, without confirmation of your final transcription being received, you’re not officially enrolled, so this step is important.

Schedule a time to get the required shots that you’ll need before beginning school (if you are choosing to get them) in the fall and fill out any necessary paperwork. You may also consider getting a physical, refreshing prescriptions, or even getting an eye exam before heading off to school.

Consider this…

The above are actual events or items you’ll need to complete before you begin school. There are other items that are more theoretical – ideas to consider, mentally preparing yourself for the big transition coming up in your life.

Consider time management. You know yourself better than anyone. Do you currently manage your time well? If not, this is something you’ll want to begin working on now, not later since time management is so vital for a successful college experience. There are a lot of ways you can get better at this and prepare. You can read some of those here or check out this great read.

Look over your class schedule and go ahead and think about you can begin to structure your days for maximum success. As a freshman, you may not have had your first pick of classes or times that you love, but how you can you maximize it? If you got stuck with a lot of 8 AM’s, begin to plan around getting in bed a little earlier and maximizing study time in the afternoon instead of the evening. Write down a tentative schedule. It’s doesn’t have to be hard and fast, but it will leave you better prepared for the new life you’re about to lead.

Ask friends who are currently in college for their tips and tricks to being successful in college. Learn from their mistakes and become more prepared for what’s to come by talking to someone who is already in that season of life.  

This is a huge time of transition, but also a time of celebration! Soak in all of the memories and fun you’ve had, look forward to the exciting times ahead, and begin to prepare for your college experience with a few of these tips and you’ve got a recipe for success. Stay tuned over the two weeks for posts on the right college loans to consider taking out and developing a college budget. It’s just two more ways you can set your future self up for success!