As our scholarship series comes to a close with this fourth and last installment, we want to give you a few more pieces of advice on your journey to a college scholarship. We’ve gone over a lot of what TO DO, but today, we’re talking about what NOT TO DO.

Don’t try and apply: Want to miss out on aid? Then don’t even get started. We get it: It’s easy to psych yourself out and think that you won’t be able to get a scholarship you’re looking at, but you’ll never know until you try. You’ve got to be in it to win it. No one is holding you back, but you!

Don’t read. We guarantee you’ll miss out on college scholarship if you don’t read, read, and read some more! Reading is the most crucial part of the application process to ensure you apply correctly and give yourself the best chance!

Don’t follow instructions: The quickest way to have your application tossed in the trash is to fail at following instructions. This ties directly into reading. If you don’t read and follow instructions, you can’t expect to win the scholarship.

Don’t meet the requirements: Ignoring or not worrying about the requirements will not only make you miss out on aid, but it will also waste your valuable time. Ensure you have all of the required information and documentation if necessary. Be thorough and don’t cut any corners here.

Don’t meet deadlines: Just like in the real world, if you don’t meet the deadline, you don’t get the job or the promotion. Be prompt and make sure to have everything submitted on time.

Don’t consider the audience: Using the same essay, resume or application without considering the audience is just another way to guarantee you don’t get a college scholarship. As you apply for scholarships, we know there will be a lot, but you cannot treat them all the same. It’s crucial to know your audience and who is behind the scholarship you’re applying for.

Don’t proof, edit or correct: Run your essays and applications past multiple, trusted sources and be sure they are ready to go before submission.

Wait til the last minute: Give yourself plenty of time to apply for any given scholarship and make sure to prepare yourself for the time and resources it will take for each one, so you’re not working down to the wire to get it submitted.




Don’t be in the majority – stand out! Do that by reading thoroughly, giving yourself plenty of time, being meticulous, and asking for help when you need it! We’re always here to help or answer any questions you may have!

Happy Scholarship Applying!