If you caught our Monday Mojo from this week, you know that we’ve been talking about having the mindset of a champion! But, what does this really mean? What does it look like practically? Today, we’re going to dig into that idea a little deeper!

Change is inevitable in life, but how we approach it determines if we have the mindset of a champion or not. No matter what you’re going through – stress from college applications, worrying about the SAT or ACT, or even confusion on the next step to take – you can have the mindset of a champion in the midst of it.

So, what are some things to think on as you’re beginning to transition into the mindset of a champion. Here’s 3 of the main things to think on:

Your mind is the most powerful tool that you have. Many people think that they don’t control their own thoughts or emotions, that things sort of just run wild. However, a champion, whether that be in the classroom on the field or just in life, runs their own mind, thoughts, and emotions, instead of letting those things run them.

You are in charge of what you think about. A champion also knows that they alone can control what they think on and how that effects them going forward.

Choices you make have a direct impact on the actions that you take. When you take control of your thoughts, you’ll then take more control of your choices and therefore your actions. This will lead to a proactive approach in every area of your life.

What’s the biggest takeaway from all of this? Your mind is POWERFUL! More powerful then maybe you even realize. So take control of it and harness it from great decision making and successful actions!

To help you remember these things and create the mindset of a champion, download our exclusive free printable right here.

Stick it on your mirror or the dashboard of your car and remember: you have the mind of a champion!