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The College Process is Built to Overwhelm

The secret is out: Colleges have intentionally created an overly complex system. You’re supposed to feel like…

  • You have no room to negotiate
  • You’re a total failure as a parent if your child doesn’t go to their dream school 
  • If you don’t pony up the cash (even if it puts your own future at risk) you’re letting your kid down

And that’s all before realizing that the entire college planning and admissions process will likely take at least 200 hours of your time (who has that?!).

Colleges want you feeling anxious and overwhelmed to the point where you give up and just accept whatever they offer.

We help you turn the tables.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

At College Planning Institute, we empower families with a holistic approach focused on setting students up for lifelong success in a way that doesn’t require mom and dad to sacrifice their own financial future.

We do this through a simple 3-step process:

  1. Fit – We’ll identify careers and colleges that align with your student’s passions, culture, and goals to put them on the best path to success.
  2. Finish – We’ll increase the probability of your student graduating in 4 years or less with multiple career opportunities by 86%.
  3. Funding – We’ll reduce the impact paying for college has on your lifestyle, cashflow, and overall finances—both now and in the future.
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Our Process Gives Your Student Wings

Make The Best Choices

No more agony over which school, just confidence in the fit for your student’s goals and talents.

Graduate In 4


No changes. Rest easy as your student soars through college and minimizes the price tag.

Prep for a Fulfilling Career

No boomerang home! Ensure your student launches into a fulfilling career and lifelong success.

Our Blueprints Eliminate the Guesswork

Our college planning programs create the ultimate blueprint for your student’s success. 

With us, no stone goes unturned. At the end of the day, you’ll know you’ve exhausted every opportunity, resource, and strategy to get the best outcome for your son or daughter.

And remember that 200 hours required for the college planning process? Even if you have that time, you only have one chance to get it right and timing is everything for the best results. We’ll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. That’s why our outcomes are the best.

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Andrew and the CPI team have helped me tremendously as I transitioned to college and am starting my journey towards my future career. They saw the potential in me and helped give me guidance and direction for my future.

Natalie CollidgeStudent

Andrew did a great job advising me regarding the maximization of efforts towards receiving state, federal and university-specific funding to lower my son's out-of-pocket costs for college.

Ray OatesParent

Andrew is skilled at strategizing the most financially advantageous ways of paying for your child's college education. He understands the complexities of not only the college admissions systems, but also of structuring each clients' financial situation to allow children of all family income levels to achieve a higher education.

Millie Ann MorrellParent

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  • The best sources for gift aid and scholarships
  • Why you need competitive leverage to win (and how to create it!)

Hi, I’m Andrew.

I have three boys of my own, and I completely understand the desire to give your kids the best life possible. As America’s college and cashflow expert, I show families exactly how to do just that.

I’ve taken a lifetime of trials, successes, and discoveries as well as my knowledge and experiences as the founder of the Educated Freedom podcast, College Planning Institute, Georgia Prep Sports Network, and Windbrook Solutions, a financial planning and cashflow company, to create a proven process that achieves the ideal college outcome: A dream college for a student who’s set up to succeed by graduating in 4 years into a fulfilling career with maximum scholarships and minimal debt. 

There is a better way to plan for college and set your son or daughter up for success—one that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your own future. 

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